Friday, August 19, 2005


The hot Glory Holes of Tacoma . . .

. . . are not the ones you might think. We spent most of Wednesday in Tacoma, now bravely recovering from a couple of decades of urban decay, neglect and a massive crime rate. Once run-down buildings are being rediscovered at wonderfully stylish places and the glassworks has become a major economic engine. We found a great little lunch place (run by a woman originally from Cohasset, south of Boston) and had a fascinating couple of hours in the hot room where the glassblowers work. The glory holes here open into furnaces at around 2000 degrees and are an essential part of the glassmaking process.

That night we celebrated Fritz's birthday at a tapas restaurant called Tango up in the Capitol Hill district. For some reason we had two waiters for our table and they were completely uncoordinated. When you have to go across the restaurant to find your waiter, things aren't good. The food was excellent, however, and M, S, Fritz and I had good time in spite of the inconveniences.

Yesterday we had a fun day doing classic tourist stuff back in Seattle--the Space Needle, the Monorail and the Pike Place Market. I have seen three out of the four operas that make up the RING cycle and so far, it's been a world-class production and musical performance.

Once again: Best wishes to your birthday, Fritz and all the best to both of you!


Howdy Will, greating reading about your trip to the great Pacific Northwest. And thanks for reading and posting to my blog. I remember that site as well. Yes, it reminds us that gay men are everywhere. WOOOF. We wouldn't want to have it any other way.
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