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All Things (or at least four) Gay

I owe Andy Towle for this one. If you don't know him, Andy is the doyen of towleroad, a photo journal clearing house for gay-related topics from a wide variety of genres--male eye candy to international gay society and politics. He also has a rather astonishing resume. Last spring I realized that for eight years I had been driving right by Towle Road in Chester, New Hampshire on my way to Fritz's house. OK, sometimes I'm a little slow on the pick-up. Anyway, I took a picture of the road sign and forwarded it to Andy who posted it on the site and sent back a really sweet note.

He recently mentioned a web-based spice company called Penzeys that had put out a cooking magazine. A recipe from a family of two gay men, their preteen daughter and the brand new triplets they'd had with a surrogate mother was featured in the first volume. Penzeys had been slammed by all the usual anti-gay hate organizations for featuring a gay family, and Andy thought it might be good for people to write them in support.

Go to if you'd like to leave an appreciative message. And if you want guys' recipe for monster cookies, go to Features in the side bar on the left and click "One Love." You'll see the Olneys, a very multi-racial family with their tandoori recipe, and click on "The Kids are Alright" highlighted in brick red to find them and their recipe.

And after that, you might consider sending a note of support to the king of Sweden as well:

Fred Phelps' 'Swedish King Is Gay' Tirade
by Malcolm Thornberry European Bureau Chief
Posted: August 24, 2005 12:01 am ET

(Stockholm) Anti-gay preacher Fred Phelps has caused an international royal gay flap over accusations that Sweden's King Carl Gustaf is gay. Phelps, who runs the God Hates Fags website, makes the allegations on his newest site - God Hates Sweden. The preacher who built his reputation by picketing the funeral of gay college student Matthew Shepard is angry over a Swedish court ruling that a fundamentalist minister broke that country's hate speech law during a fiery speech against homosexuality.

Phelps' site calls Sweden "a land of sodomy, bestiality, and incest", and goes on to say: "The King looks like an anal-copulator, & his grinning kids look slutty & gay." Under pictures of the royals, the site says: "You jackass Swedes just don't get it. Once you have laws to chill Bible preaching, we don't give a rat's tutu whatever else you do or say. You are drippings from the Devil's own penis - a veritable sperm bank for Satan's queers."

The Swedish Royal Family--"anal copulator . . . slutty & gay"

The site and its content have infuriated Swedes who have a close bond with their royal family.
The government has expressed its concern to the US Ambassador. And, the royals have consulted their lawyers. "I think that it is frightful to defame people in this way," said Ann-Christine Jernberg, the kings press secretary. But, Jernberg said there is probably little the royal family can do, because it is hard to get such sites shut down.

The United States does not have 'promotion of hate' laws and under the First Amendment to the Constitution, Phelps' remarks are protected as free speech. Although Phelps could be prosecuted in Sweden it is doubtful he could be extradited.
© 2005

Makes you wonder just how "Reverend" Phelps knows so much about the Devil's dripping penis.

In three weeks on September 14, the Massachusetts legislature will again take up the proposed anti-gay amendment to the state constitution. Informed political opinion maintains that it does't have a chance of getting past this vote as several legislators formerly in support of the amendment have now changed their minds and stated they will vote no.

The reason? Some of those who had experienced a change of heart stated that spending a year in Massachusetts with gay marriage, and seeing that there were absolutely none of the negative consequences promised by the homophobes, had convinced them to vote against hate and discrimination.

Finally, Pat Robertson had to apologize and crawl away in shame from his call for the assassination of Venezuelan President Chavez. At first he tried to lie his way out by saying he had never made such a statement. I suspect media coverage saturating the country with his image coldly calling for us to engage in political murder finally brought him back to whatever small amount of sense he may possess.

I will definitely go leave so luvin at the site and I have heard a lot about towerload...have never seen it...need to soon I guess!
Phelps people been on my blog so I feel like I hit the big time!
I've had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting Fred a few times while in Lawrence Kansas. Funerals and Gay Pride events. The sickening thing is watching his extremely young grandchildren standing there with signs spewing forth hate as much as he is.

There's a special place in hell for someone like him.
Watching Robertson try to explain his remarks was entertaining. Of course, it seems to me that his comments blaming 9/11 on gay Americans (among others) were more outrageous. I can't believe this guy still has an audience.

PS: Thanks for commenting on my blog!
Phelps will spend eternity with a giant cock pumping his mouth while a monster cock dripping with herpes blisters pounds his ass. He deserves no less.
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