Wednesday, June 15, 2005


My surprise in the mail Posted by Hello

I’ve cancelled my malfunctioning comments program. It was frustrating hearing from some of you that you couldn’t post, and every time in the last twenty four hours that I tried to access the function I got a message that the comments would be unavailable “for a short time” that never ended. So I’ve enabled Blogger’s own comments. They’re a bit different to use—you click on the word “comments” to get a new screen showing the post you want to respond to and have to scroll down to “Post a comment.” From there on out, it’s pretty much business as usual. Apologies for the inconvenience the last couple of days.

I had a nice surprise at work yesterday and I’ve been given to understand that some of you who read DesignerBlog have had a hand in it. I was working on the paint floor in our design and production building when our administrator brought me a package from Holtzbrinck Publishers in New York City. I drew a blank when she asked if I had ordered something for research purposes, and opened the mailer to find “The Fabulous Sylvester: The legend, The Music, The Seventies in San Francisco.” The author is Joshua Gamson, formerly of Yale, currently at the University of San Francisco, who divides his time between the Bay area and Martha’s Vineyard--lucky guy.

The book is a history of the rise of Sylvester from member of a gospel choir to stardom in the notorious troupe The Cockettes, to diva status in disco, all set against the era of emerging gay lib and massive social and political change. Lovely, I thought, but how has this come to me?

An enclosed letter from one of the staff at Holtzbrinck offered me the book with their compliments in the hope that I might mention or even review it on this blog. She seemed to know a lot about me. As there was an email address, I wrote back thanking her for the book and asking how I had come to her attention. I got a nice note back telling me that she had come originally from Boston, and the company wanted to put the book in the hands of some bloggers. She said she has friends in Boston who read Designerblog who suggested I be sent one of the promotional copies.

So, those of you who may have mentioned me to the lady, thank you very much! And if you feel like sending me an email or making a comment telling me who you are, I'd be delighted. Just reviewing some of Sylvester’s drag outfits and stage costumes is going to be a pleasure, let alone what looks to be a most interesting story.

Boston is experiencing record cold weather—we officially have the lowest temperature in the forty eight contiguous states right now. I went out today in flannel and polar fleece and, frankly, I prefer this to extreme heat and humidity. Summer, redeemed only for me by the ability to grow some of my own food, has always been my least favorite season.

I prefer this to extreme heat and humidity

Amen to that! Thankfully I'm not the only one who will take this weather any day over what we had before.
I wasn't responsible for you getting a copy of that book (which I'd love to read) but I'm happy for you!

HMMM - maybe my blog will lead to corporate sponsorships and gifts! hehe
Karl, you're first on the list as soon as I finish it.

Jeff, we had a couple of summers a while ago with the jet stream from Canada all the time--just heaven.
Oooo, That sounds like a cool book! I saw the documentary/movie of the Cockettes and it was fabulous.
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