Thursday, June 30, 2005

I spent all day at home yesterday finishing things up before our departure for Europe tomorrow evening. In the process, I experienced a couple of life’s simplest and nicest pleasures:
Spending six hours intensely cleaning up my studio and actually finding all the
things I feared were lost;
Spending six hours intensely cleaning up my studio and seeing parts of the floor
that hadn’t been visible in months;
Trying on two shirts I’d bought at Zara the last time I was in Spain and realizing
they still look very good;
Listening to music all day that I hadn’t played in years in some cases, and loving
it all over again;
Finishing all the technical drawings for our fall production, including lots of
measurements and notes, and knowing it’s DONE;
Learning that while I was deep in work the other day Canada became the third country
in the world to approve gay marriage nationwide;
Realizing how much I miss my cat who I took to stay with friends on Tuesday for the
time I’m away.

I’m going up to Fritz’s this afternoon to spend the night and bring him back to Boston tomorrow morning. We’ll fly out of Logan tomorrow night on Icelandic to Copenhagen where we’ll be with friends for a week. We then fly to Budapest for a couple days on our own in a city and country neither of us has ever visited.

The Viking Neptune, our floating hotel for two weeks

On the 10th we join the riverboat for two weeks sailing up the Danube, through the canal and down the Rhine to Amsterdam with many stops to explore along the way. After five days in Amsterdam we fly home on the 28th of July.

The Rhine Gorge, part of our itinerary

If I’m lucky enough to come across any cybercafés along the way, I’ll post something about how it’s all going. In any event take care and my best to everybody while I’m away.

Enjoy your trip. It sounds wonderful!
I'm so jealous! Take lots of pictures of yoruselves in skimpy little bathing suits.

Oh, and Spain just legalized gay marriage yesterday, too! WOO HOO
Spain! I had no idea. Ireland is trembling on the brink of doing so also. The two mosat Catholic countries in Europe--the Pope will have a fucking COW!!

Thanks for the good wishes, guys.
The cat says hello and seems to be adjusting well - Joan
It sounds like a great trip! Have a great time and I'm looking forward to the stories when you get back!
Sounds like a great trip - have a wonderful time! Oh, yes, and what Karl said about photos in skimpy - or no - swimsuits! ;-)
Hope you have a great trip! and Happy belated Birthday! Love the new page design.
Have a fabulous time!!!!! Stop off in Spain or Canada while you're out and about - you could come back legally married!
I think Will and Fritz already are - legally married that is :-)
Have a great trip!! Wish I were going. ;-)
Have a great trip- I'm unbelievably jealous. I'll be spending the next two weeks in grad school. Ugh!

My partner and I spent a week in Paris last July- brings back some amazing memories.
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