Friday, June 24, 2005

I have no idea why Blogger suddenly decided to put my last post UNDER everything
in my sidebar--it wasn't that way yesterday. This is actually something of a
test post to see if I can get tha alignment back. The real post is tonight.

HOWEVER, we had a delightful dinner at Shogun last night, Bloddy Mary was in
great voice and I've come away with a photo Fritz took of the two of us together
(I think she comes up just to my shoulder but her voice could be heard back in Massachusetts). Photos and blog tonight.

blogger is tempting your
Hi, Jeff. Blogger has been tempting my patience for some time!
It's funny, I use Safari on a Mac and your entries always show up below the sidebar. I think it must be something in the code for the template that doesn't play well with Safari, since another blog that I read using the same template shows up the same way.
I have Safari, Netscape and Explorer, Thom, and my posts have always begun alongside the sidebar in all three. Now, as of this morning, they're below the sidebar in all three. Very strange.
you have some weird HTML at the top of the second-last post:

<div style="clear:both;"></div<

Get rid of that and things should be back to normal.
Paul, I've left an email for you but will repeat the info here. When I go into edit mode, the only html I get is for the photos I post and none of them has a line like the one you quote above. How are you reading the html for my individual posts? I'd love to delete the line as per your advice, but I don't know how to access it.

MANY thanks for your assistance.
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