Monday, June 27, 2005


"Bloody Mary" and me on my birthday night last Thursday

In spite of intense heat and humidity, we all managed to have a delightful weekend. "All" meant Fritz, my two daughters and my son-in-law, my cousin and his wife; Fritz's two sisters, the son of one and the daughter of the other along with her husband and their toddler son who had come over from the Netherlands. Fritz was juggling the party he had planned for me along with the graduation of this year's Master's degree class in creative arts and education. We ate out on Saturday night and six of us visited Newburyport on Sunday, strolling the waterfront that was much cooler than even fifty yards inland, visiting the shops and taking a long, liesurely lunch.

Celtic Harpist in Newburyport

Well shaded, fortunately, we stood and listened to the sweet but powerful tone of this Celtic street musician in the heart of old Newburyport. Much of the town is pure 18th century and a pleasure to walk, even in the stifling heat.

The party back at Fritz's was a lot of fun, much of which came from the fact that my younger daughter and his Dutch nephew-in-law whose birthdays are around this time, had no idea they were getting presents and celebrations too. I also had a gift for by elder daughters fourth wedding anniverasary.

When it was all cleaned up, most of us settled in for one of the great schlock movies of all time, "Clash of the Titans." Most of it concerns Harry Hamlin in various states of undress as Perseus, who kills Medusa and various other mythic creatures in laughably crude special effect sequences. Dropped in occasionally are scenes in the Council of the Gods, the Gods being played by some of the great English actors of the time including Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith, Sian Philips, etc. My guess is that the God scenes, all of which could easily have been shot in one or two days at most, were an afterthought with the idea of giving the thing some class, because the majority of the movie is borderline dreadful.

No reply yet to my help note to Google/Blogger about the displacement of text. Thanks for scrolling down to find me.

Wow - I thought I was on the wrong blog there for a second! I like the new look, though, and everything appears to be in its proper place. :-) Sounds like a wonderful birthday and weekend!
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