Thursday, June 02, 2005


. . . to the modest and functional. Our design and production building. Posted by Hello

The top photo is the glitzy, high visibility Stata Center, home of artificial intelligence/robotics at MIT. Designed by Frank Ghery, one year old, still leaking heavily in places and sporting some unsettling subsidence cracks in the slab five floors down at its very bottom where I park every day.

Directly above is the small industrial building, former home of the Rinaldi Tile Company that tiled Boston's Sumner and Callaghan Tunnels, that now serves as our design and production center. My office is behind the little window on the second floor to the left.

Tomorrow at about noon the graduates will have gotten their degrees, may have hacked the guest speaker as they did so creatively when Al Gore spoke several years ago, and the academic year will officially end. With it concludes my thirtieth year of employment by and service to one of the most amazing, challenging and rewarding places I could ever imagine.

I came to MIT as a young man with two little adopted daughters, one just a toddler, still working through sexuality issues, juggling family with an academic job and a freelance career in theater, opera, television and special event design. Now I walk onto the campus every day with two adult daughters and a son-in law, a continuing feeling of astonishment at being lucky enough to have landed a position at this incredible place, a proud, secure identity as a gay man, and a husband who is the center and joy of my life. It's been a magnificent thirty years.

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