Monday, December 01, 2003

The four Catholic archbishops of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts collaborated on a letter that was read from all the Catholic Church pulpits yesterday in which they lable the State Supreme Judicial Court's mandate that gay marriage be allowed "a national tragedy." Of course they don't adequately explain why or how any hetereosexual marriage is in any way endangered by allowing two gay men or two lesbians to stabilize their unions.

Worse, in preparation for World AIDS Day today, the Vatican issued a statement reinforcing its ban on the use of condoms with the absurd statement that they don't guard against the transmission of HIV, the virus being so small as to pass easily through the condom. Chastity, they say is The Only Way. Several of the international AIDS organizations went into fury over this dangerous and deceitful statement, and for good reason. Based on its long-standing ignorance in matters of sexuality, its continuing bigotry toward gays and lesbians, its absurd insistence in trying to control the sex lives of Catholics and non-Catholics alike, and its disgraceful, dishonest behavior in the pedophile priest scandal, the Vatican and the Catholic Church in general have no moral authority over the lives of any gay man or lesbian. In my opinion, no moral authority, period.

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