Thursday, December 04, 2003

The Boston Archdiocese has announced that it is putting up for sale 27 acres of prime land and the almost 100 year old Cardinals' Residence in the Brighton/Allston section of Boston. The residence is a huge Beaux Arts neo-Classical palace in which the four Cardinals since the 1920s have lived in almost unimaginable splendor and luxury while managing and covering up the moral squalor that was going on in the neighborhood parishes. The current incumbent is an archbishop not yet elevated to the rank of Cardinal and, whatever his very real homophobia problems, he had the decency to take up residence in a four room apartment downtown behind the Cathedral. The Residence-Palace and its open parkland are estimated to be worth anywhere between thirty and one hundred million dollars and the most likely buyer is another Catholic institution, Boston College. BC is an excellent and surprisingly intellectually open Jesuit college that needs land desperately to house its growing departments. The law school is very well known and they have a good performing arts department and facility among other distinguished departments.

My partner's face is healing nicely. As we live an hour or so away from each other due to deeply established and unchangeable professional lives, we talk at least twice and often seveal times a day by phone and email. We are preparing for the arrival this weekend of dear friends, a couple from Seattle, the brother of one of the partners and his best friend--all gay. The last production of the first term opens here tomorrow and I am looking forward to getting away for the weekend, kicking back and having as great and disreputable a time with all these guys as I can possibly manage.

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