Monday, November 24, 2003

This past weekend marked six and a half years to the day that my partner and I met. He floored me by proposing marriage. I was speechless (those who know me really well know how rare an event that is) because we had discussed committment ceremonies, non-legal gay marriage ceremonies, etc. in the past and had decided they were irrelevant to the style of our relationship and to what and who we are.

But something--either the full same-sex marriage that the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has mandated, or the watered down civil union the Governor and state Attorney General will try to get away with, will come into being next May. My partner feels strongly that we, with our strong gay rights activism and the large gay community that we host at his place, must make the political stand and have the ceremony. There are several reasons: to demonstrate that gay and lesbian people WANT and need these legal rights and protections, and to help fill up the numbers of those who have married to the point that any proposed state or national Constitutional ammendment defining marriage as ONLY between one man and one woman would be made difficult if not impossible to support.

So I said yes and we will be married, or at least civilly united next spring. In the meanwhile, we will join the fight full tilt to make the state legislature and the elected officials of Massachusetts bring about what the Court has mandated and the electorate says it wants in all the recent polls: nothing less than marriage with all its rights and possibilities--the first state in the Union to offer this to its gay and lesbian citizens.

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