Sunday, November 02, 2003

I put the radio on this morning and have been depressed all day over the news out of Iraq. The slaughter of our young people serving over there is accelerating--sixteen just today, an oil pipeline we and the Iraqis had just got going again was blown up, and another American was killed when his convoy was blown up, followed by dancing and a celebration by Iraqis in the street. CBS radio reported that many of the American companies that were urged by the government to invest in and move into Iraq are now on the verge of pulling out over the danger to their employees and the massive cost of security. This after our State Department urged Americans to stay away from Iraq last week on account of the danger.

I don't know just how long our President can maintain the fantasy that we are doing well, restoring peace and order and that the Iraqis are just thrilled for us to be there. A couple whose son seems to be missing was on TV tonight speaking bitterly of all the lies we have been told.

It has been admited that Saddam is not only still alive but is in all probability masterminding the increasing pace of attacks on our forces. Maybe it is because I lived through Viet Nam that I have a feeling we are spiraling faster and faster into disaster but I have no confidence in this administration. Even Secretary Rumsfeld
making the announcement on TV today looked for the first time like a shaken man.

On a happier note, Gene Robinson was installed today as the first out gay man ever elected Bishop in the Episcopal Church. There was a determined band of protestors spouting the usual homophobic bigotry. Gene, who has a very simple and direct manner will, I feel confident, prevail. Should the Episcopal Church fragment as some are predicting, maybe it is high time.

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