Sunday, November 09, 2003

I got to my partner's place in new Hampshire yesterday to discover that he has made an arrangement with the Howard Dean campaign to put up campaign workers in the Center's residential rooms when the campaign needs them in the area. I was delighted by this. We are both big Dean supporters and here is a way to contribute something of real value other than money of which we don't have great amounts. The majority of the first batch are college-age but there was one lady in her sixties or seventies. Support here for Howard Dean seems to be pretty strong and the numbers look good n the polls. Of course, one always has to remember that this is very liberal Massachusetts and that I work in the town sometimes satirically known "The People's Republic of Cambridge."

I told him about meeting Ron (Ron's Log) in person for the first time the night before and how Ron knows several of the men closest and dearest to us. The gay community is sometimes very small and highly interconnected.

The news out of Massachusetts government concerning the Gay Marriage Bill is that the Senate President is postponing debate on it until the Supreme Judicial Court of the Commonwealth makes its ruling on the constitutionality of such legislation. That decision is expected soon and local GLBT organizations seem to be understanding of the logic for the delay. The Senate President is known to be opposed to gay marraige but in support of civil unions. Apparently he is also known as a reasonably honest straight shooter in his dealings with people and his relations with the GLBT groups appear to be cordial.

The Gay and Lesbian Review recently featured this issue and one writer noted that in the United States, marriage has been legally separated from procreation the in key court decisions. In point of fact, the reasons for marrying laid out as legitimate in one particular and prominent court finding do not actually include any gender specific functions. Purposes like the providing of companionship and support, the the regulation and dividing of property, raising (but NOT creating) children, etc. all can be invoked as setting the stage for the approval of same sex, non-procreational marriages. Since my own feelings about the forces opposing same-sex marriage appear in an earlier entry, I will not repeat them here. Suffice it to say I am very much in support.

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