Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Drizzle and cold in Boston, with promise of much more to come. I have been working on production designs all day, from a witty modern dance that takes place in a dormitory bathroom as students jockey for position in the morning at the sinks and mirrors, to a scheme for an easily changable group of sets for a post World War II play on survivors from the concentration camps.

I actually like working on two or three projects in strongly contrasting styles at the same time. If I go cold on one, I can move right to another that seems fresh, and when I switch back the block is usually gone.

I am joining two good friends tonight for a show on Goya at the Museum of Fine Arts and will be with them again next Saturday morning for the current big Rembrandt exhibition. My design teachers at Boston University Theater School used to send us to the Museum frequently to sketch and research--I feel very much at home there and had the great pleasure of being asked to design the Patrons' Reception for a very important Herb Ritts exhibit at the Museum some time ago. Ritts was highly controversial because many of the Trustees wouldn't recognize photography as an art worthy of "their" Museum, particularly by a photographer who trafficed in--gasp!--male erotica.

Ritts, however, was a real artist and younger voices within the Museum organization prevailed. The entire place has remade itself and is now a far more interesting and stimulating place to encounter a far wider range of art.

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