Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Credit another big score to "the People's Republic of Cambridge" whose City Council last night approved and recognized gay marriage AND went the step further that the Supreme Judicial Court didn't by opening the Marriage License process to same-sex couples. What this means is that the minute the legislature puts the laws in place, Cambridge will be first out of the gate to marry gays and lesbians. Cambridge's action may help pressure the Governor and his cronies to facilitate actual marriage as opposed to the civil union substitute they favor. Sometimes it is a real joy to live in the bizarre political world that is Massachusetts.

So my partner and I have been joking about the eventual ceremony and where we should be registered. We tossed around the idea of Home (aka Homo) Depot because we both get involved in renovation projects (and it's a great place to scope out guys) but finally decided on Cardullo's Gourmet Shop. Actually, neither one of us wants anything that smacks of straight middle class kitch. The actual ceremony will be private with his sister and my younger daughter as our witnesses. Then we'll have a Quaker Marriage at the old Meeting House in Epping, New Hampshire with all our family and friends. My partner is a lifelong atheistic Quaker and while I have no interest in organized religion of any kind, I have come to respect the inclusiveness and the early date at which gays were welcomed into all aspects of the Friends' activities, including marriage. The reception will be at his Center. The hot tub will be open for business.

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