Sunday, October 05, 2003

Word arrived via CBS radio today that Tony Blair can apparently be proven to have informed some members of his government that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction in operating condition--two weeks BEFORE George Bush began the Iraq War. Duncan on his welshcake blog confirms this and speculates on dire consequences for Blair's political future.

I would imagine that George Bush's future could be thrown into deep doubt given his extremely close association with Blair. This in the face of an investigation about a very dirty little business in which an extremely high White House official purposely leaked the name of a woman who was an under cover CIA agent as punishment to her husband, an ambassador, who disagreed in public with the president. Disclosing the identity of secret agents can be a death sentence for them and for the various sources they control. It is a major breach of acceptable conduct besides being a federal crime. With any luck all this and the decline of belief in Mr. Bush's ability to manage the economy and the Iraq reconstruction project will manage to get him out of office after only one term and before he has had a chance to bankrupt the country completely.

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