Friday, October 17, 2003

So, eveybody--well not EVERYbody, but lots and lots of bodies--here in Boston are in deep mourning today and treating the halting of the Red Sox march to the World Series (actually, the United States Series when you come to think of it) last night as some kind of disgrace. I guess I show my ignorance, but as I see it, they got into extra innings in the last game of the last playoff before being eliminated for the Series itself, which means that they are #2 in the entire American League. I think that's impressive. I offer my appreciation on what is clearly a successful season. But in our current culture, if you don't win it all, you are a "loser," a "goat" or a "failure." You suck. It is what I call "Vince Lombardyism," the mania for winning as the ONLY thing and not looking at the process and valid accomplishments of actually playing the game day in and day out in a superior fashion. I think such people deny themselves a lot of life's pleasures and I feel sorry for them. Congratulations to Pedro, Manny, Nomar, Kevin, Trot, Grady, Jason, Tim (a REAL team player, a true sportsman and my favorite Red Sock), Derek and all the Red Sox players and organization for a fine showing this year.

As it happened, I was not watching TV last night, but I was in Boston's Symphony Hall for a tremendous performance of Debussy's opera PELLEAS ET MELISANDE that was presented in concert. After that was over a good buddy of mine and I went out for a drink where we watched the 9th and part of the 10th innings peripherally on the bar's TV. Fortunately, there was no violence or vandalism last night over the loss, whereas there had been a lot of both when the Red Sox won a game in the earlier, five game regional playoff. I never understood that--win a game and run riot in the streets, looting people's businesses and overturning people's cars. I wonder sometimes at what kind of a society we have created here.

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