Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Many Bloggers publish a list of 100 things about themselves. Here's mine.

1. I was born June 23, 1945.
2. I was born in New York City, Manhattan Island
3. I was born at 7:30 am.
4. I am an early riser.
5. My Western zodiac sign is Cancer.
6. In the Chinese zodiac I was born the year of the Cock (no comments,
7. I have always had a pretty wide rebellious streak in me..
8. I was baptized Catholic but have totally repudiated that religion and all its
9. I accepted that I was an atheist when I was in my mid 30s
10. I came out to myself at the same time.
11. I had my first complete sexual experience with another man very shortly
thereafter. It was a transforming experience.
12. I have no siblings but always wanted brothers.
13. My mother was an alcoholic for as long as I ever knew her.
14. My father was a highly decorated bombardier in the Army Air Corps in World
War II.
15. My paternal grandfather immigrated from Massa di Carrara, Italy and was a
marble sculptor.
16. My paternal grandmother immigrated from Paris, France. She was very
culturally French although from an Italian family.
17. My maternal grandparents both immigrated from Liverpool, England.
18. I am 5' 9" tall.
19. I chose a career in theatrical design very early in life and have never
regretted it.
20. I teach in the Music and Theater Arts Section of the Humanities Department
at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
21. I am currently in my 29th year there.
22. I have the rank of Technical Instructor and the title Technical Coordinator for
Theater Arts.
23. I speak a fair amount of French and Italian in addition to English.
24. I was married for ten years.
25. My ex and I adopted two daughters from Korea.
26. She wanted a husband and family until she had them and then she had a
crisis and left.
27. My daughters elected to live with me, which I wanted very much and, young
as they were, the court listened to them.
28. I raised them as a single parent and that became the central, defining act of
my life.
29. I am a Myers-Briggs Type ENFJ.
30. I am an extremely strong J.
31. I am also a strong E.
32. When I was a child, I was almost pathologically shy.
33. I love books and read voraciously.
34. I find prejudice of any kind impossible to accept.
35. I co-direct a travel/study program to Europe most summers for advanced
high school juniors and seniors.
36. I have many tattoos, including a full back piece.
37. I design all my own tattoos. With a couple of intentional exceptions, all are
adapted from pre-Columbian art in black with red and brown accents.
38. I have piercings: a curved barbell in my left nipple and rings in both ears.
39. My back piece combines Leonardo’s Perfectly Proportioned Man with
the “What a piece of work is a man” speech from “Hamlet.” It was the
strongest and most positive statement I could make about all the wonderful
men in my life.
40. I spent seventeen years after accepting my own homosexuality in a large
number of sexual relationships of fairly short duration.
41. I met my dearly loved partner six years and four months ago. We are mated
for life.
42. My daughters are crazy about him and that is a joy for us both.
43. I became enthralled by opera at a very early age.
44. My first Broadway musical was the original cast of “The King and I.” My
parents took me out of school for a Wednesday matinee when I was seven.
It changed my life
45. My first Broadway play was Shaw’s “Major Barbara” when I was ten. A ten
year old at a Shaw play should have been a disaster. I was mesmerized.
46. I was just barely seventeen when I came to Boston to study set design at
Boston University.
47. I almost chucked that for History, a subject that fascinates me to this day.
48. I am currently writing a book on lighting in theater and opera before the
introduction of electric light.
49. I love to garden.
50. I adore giving dinner parties by candlelight for my friends.
51. I am a creature of email.
52. I wear briefs.
53. I love to sing but have a lousy voice.
54. Being gay gives me my strength and joy.
55. I am an accomplished scenic painter.
56. My guilty pleasure (well, one of them) is Hollywood Biblicals and other
historical epics.
57. I wear glasses as I am extremely myopic.
58. I like to go to nude beaches.
59. I love to travel anywhere in the world.
60. I took my daughters back to see Korea where they were born in 1985, and
then toured China with them.
61. My partner and I are the best of travelers together.
62. During our entire relationship he and I have never said an angry or unkind
word to each other.
63. I lead a very active life physically but was never any good at sports or
64. I am good with my hands and love making miniatures.
65. I have never been to South America or Antarctica but have been in all the
other continents.
66. I listen to classical music, opera, world music and really good jazz.
67. I cannot stand rap.
68. I am fascinated by Eminem and how he manages his career. Also I think
he's really hot.
69. I find intellect sexy in a man.
70. I am attracted to a wide variety of types of men with twinks being the major
71. I have never had an appendectomy.
72. I have had my wisdom teeth removed.
73. I have had a carpal tunnel operation on my right hand.
74. I have never smoked.
75. My only alcoholic drinks are wine and European-style beer.
76. Irises and Monks' Hoods are my favorite flowers.
77. I love to drive and always feel liberated behind the wheel.
78. I am bothered by all the incorrect English grammar being used in the media
these days.
79. I enjoy wearing unconventional or creative clothing.
80. I do embroidery for relaxation and sometimes make my own clothing.
81. I would like to be remembered for being a kind and generous man.
82. I get restless at the prospect of having nothing to do.
83. I am something of an exhibitionist.
84. I have some voyeuristic tendencies.
85. My computer is a PC by Dell.
86. I enjoy working and socializing with all people but am happiest in groups
of gay men.
87. I need very little sleep.
88. I can’t imagine living without at least one cat.
89. I opened my first savings account as a boy of 11 when a local bank was
giving them away to children with a $1.00 gift opening balance.
90. I generally do not eat red meat.
91. I eat large amounts of fruit and vegetables.
92. I had major prostate problems, two different prostate procedures and now
have no further problems.
93. I love having sex in the morning.
94. I try to keep from watching too much TV.
95. I have come to love baking my own bread.
96. I love my partner with all my heart.
97. I am currently working on a major Family Tree that now extends to eight
98. My love of country does not blind me to the mistakes that I fear are currently
being made in many matters.
99. I am fascinated by the accomplishments of non-Western cultures that I feel
have been suppressed in the writing of our History.
100. I cannot understand the mania for war as an alleged solution to the
problems in the world.

I am indebted to Duncan of the blog called welshcake for the format to the above list.

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