Wednesday, October 29, 2003

I should go to bed. It's just past midnight here in Boston. I'm a morning person, always awake around five to five thirty. But recently, I have become a night person as well and I am not sure how this has happened. Maybe it was when I began to explore the web a couple of years ago and started to find really fascinating things because I felt I should know a lot more about computers and cyberspace. Next thing I knew I had discovered web cammers and I became interested in the psychology of living life in public in front of a 24/7 video camera.

I don't follow too many webcams any more. So many have become pay sites or require paid web age verification IDs and I don't want to get into that. Somewhere along the way I found Blogs just about the time many of my favorite cams were shutting down and I dug further to find the gay blogging community.

There is a sweet young gayboy whose blog is called trabaca. He wrote today about the joys of having a steady boyfriend and how he is now having to introduce the guy to his friends, family, etc. In the process he is outing both of them to people who had no idea previously. I wrote him a little note of encouragement, complimenting him on how determined he is to be open and honest in his life, and telling him that the coming out process never ends. There is always someone you just met, someone who has to repair your crashed computer with the Jeff Palmer wallpaper you neglected to change before bringing it in, the new job where you have to start the whole process all over again.

I thought a lot before starting this blog because I realized that coming out on the web was on a scale way different from coming out to a small circle of family and loving friends.

I have found it wonderfully liberating.

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