Monday, October 13, 2003

The color in the trees was at about 80% of peak at my partner's place in southern New Hampshire this weekend--and it is a good year, just as I had thought it might be. The Chinese Reds are really spectacular and there is a lot of vibrant orange as well. To top it off, all the blueberries and sumacs are a deep burgundy. Add the cloudless brilliant sun and the effect was breathtaking. It might be slightly past peak next weekend but there will be a lot of color left for us as we host a Body Electric School weekend. We will have, at last count, 22 gay men to cook for--perhaps one or two more as the week progresses. We both love these weekends as we believe wholeheartedly in the work Body Electric does. And we meet the nicest guys, many of whom have chosen to keep the Body Electric philosophy alive in their daily lives via activities at the my partner's Center. And anything we do together turns out to be full of laughter and love.

This weekend we had, among other guests, a lovely gay man who has adopted two boys from Ukraine. The four year old has a hearing disorder but is learning how to deal with it. He is an extremely smart boy, full of fun and energy and already drop-dead handsome with a killer smile. The two year old is a classic Slavic type with a thatch of golden hair, big eyes topped with amazing strawberry blonde eyebrows, and plump cheeks. He is "mister personality." The father and I got along very well as I raised two adopted daughters on my own, so we had lots to talk about. I was shocked to discover that he started something like a dozen years later in his live than I did. My first daughter came over from Korea when I was 29 and her sister when I was 31. But this guy, who looks to be a boyish 30 is actually already 45. With these two little dynamos on his hands, he'll need every bit of energy he can muster because he'll be in his mid to late 50s as they enter their teens.

Anyway, we had some good talks and as he was leaving we sought each other out for a long hug, some final words of encouragement and a sweet "good bye and good luck" kiss. He knows what's ahead but wouldn't change a bit of it for all the world. I remember what it was like and, even knowing it all, I wouldn't have changed a bit of it for all the world, either. God love him.

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