Thursday, October 30, 2003

A bit of real excitement for my guy and me--the eight man hot tub has been delivered, hooked up electrically, filled up, and is warming up. He may or may not be able to get into it tonight--the temperature of the water was only 55 degrees when we last spoke on the phone. The first time we get to use it together will be when I go up to his place on Saturday night. I'll spend some time Sunday working on a plan for a shelf to run around it on one side to hold drinks and munchies, as well as a stair unit to climb in.

So we'll have the Sweat Lodge and a hot tub when the guys come over. The first really big gathering will be a three day house party over New Year's. We have twenty five signed up already, ourselves included. Kitchen duty is on a rotating basis so that nobody gets stuck doing all the meals, and from among ourselves we are developing an offering of activities. There will be naked yoga, a movie night, a dance, a big fancy dress dinner on New Year's Eve by candlelight, an informal talent show, body shaving, and a game of Sardines throughout the main building of the Center.

Sardines is played by gathering everybody in one room and turning out all the lights throughout the building. One guy is chosen to be"It" and gets ten minutes to find the best hiding place he can manage. Then one at a time at one minute intervals, each man goes out to search for him. If he finds Mr. It, he has to get into the hiding place with him and everybody in the hiding place has to be as quiet as possible. Last time we did this, half of the boys found Mr. It, who had devised a superb way to disguise an open space so nobody would think anybody was there. The rest of us finally had to go from room to room turning on all the lights until we found them, right there in what would have been plain sight.

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