Friday, September 19, 2003

The whole scam seems to be unraveling faster and faster. While my partner and I were in Europe in July, the Danish papers ran an astonishing picture of Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice sitting next to each other at a press conference and looking mortified as an admission was made that one or other of the pretexts for the Iraq War was completely bogus because of invented or totally faulty "intelligence."

This morning as I drove to work CBS news reported that, after however many months of intensive United States search of Iraq, a report has been delivered to the government that Saddam Hussein did not have biological weapons. The investigators found closed and locked labs thick with cobwebs and obviously unused for years; equipment and biological weaponry that had been disabled and/or broken for quite some in accordance with U.N. regulations; and no trace of small pox or other biological toxins anywhere.

Sooner or later, the President will have to come clean about the "weapons of mass destruction" if he has any shread of honesty or honor about him at all. Three more young Americans died last night in Iraq in this continuing nightmare that will leave us bankrupted, morally hollow and possibly isolated in the international community of nations for a very long time.

Not at all coincidentally, figures also came out that the number of working Americans who have health care coverage through their employers has dropped from to thirds to around 50%, and those with dental coverage is down from 39% to 32% as companies eliminate these benefits trying to stay afloat in the struggling economy. The average family of four must now pay an average of $14,000 per year to purchase health insurance on its own.

All one can do is hope that the Democratic Party can function as a united entity, field a viable candidate and replace GWB in the next election. But even if that happens, it will be too late for our dead; too late for the students and teachers deeply affected by the cuts in school funding; too late for the great art and historical inheritance of our common humanity destroyed in Iraq; too late for the children, elderly and all others who die or have their health broken by the lack of access to medical attention when in dire need.
What has this country done to itself on so many levels?

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