Tuesday, September 02, 2003

One thing my partner and I have discovered is that we work on projects extremely well together. OK, so we do just about EVERYTHING well together. Hell, we've been together over six years and have yet to have an argument or say a harsh word to each other. Most of the time we're too involved hugging and laughing, and we have no intention of screwing this relationship up.

But where we mesh most of all is in cleaning up and throwing out. Individually we are very bad at this. I am a career pack rat. He's always got an attitude like, "Ok I've thrown out two things so let's take a break and: have tea/take a nap/have sex/etc. But each of us is an excellent editor for the other. When we're together we get the job done, make the hard decisions, clear the space fast and neatly no matter whether it is at his place or mine.

The final episode of the first "Boy Meets Boy" is tonight and I will miss all or most of it because I'm working late.
We have our Open House for theater at MIT tonight. It runs until 9PM--and then there is clean-up. I should get home for most of the Fab 5's weekly overhaul of a straight guy but will have to see James's final choice via reruns or the show's web page. Why am I even watching these shows, cheap, shallow, trendy, contrived and surely as artificial as they are?

Well, because they are part of contemporary gay culture and I think that needs to be supported. For how many centuries have we all watched as society has given its approval to hetero men and women slobbering over each other in all the media, literature and arts. It has been considered acceptable--admirable even--to show women's bodies, idealized mostly but sometimes not, for men's enjoyment and for commercial purposes. I think it is about time that the culture at large should have to deal with the male body, with men courting men, men loving men, men doing things outside the narrowly proscribed range of officially sanctioned "manly" activities. The culture can take it. It has dealt with immigrants pouring into the country, with black folks in the work place and in the suburbs, with the youth of the nation screaming defiance in the face of a corrupt war in Southeast Asia. The culture can stretch yet again.

And these shows are fun. James and the other boys are extremely pretty (I can't understand his sending Rob away) and they occasionally have something intelligent to say. The 5 are full of manic energy, irreverence and high spirits. Probably these shows point up that gay America can be as trivial and obsessed with surface image just like the rest of America.

Just like the rest of America--I think that's the key.

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