Saturday, September 06, 2003

Lovely fall day today and a lot of work in the garden. I am very domestic and always have been which was lucky for both my daughters and me when I was raising them alone. Now my nest-building instincts are joined by my partner's. We are both nurturers and strongly feeling people.

Another characteristic: I am generally an optimist. But when the current administration began I had unfocused misgivings that focused really fast when the war started. I know something about the Middle East and particularly about Islam because I have taught about Islamic art and culture. I realized as early as the Reagan administration that our State Dept.--let alone our presidents--has inadequate understanding of Islamic politics and history. I mentioned to friends how quickly I thought the situation could turn into Viet-Nam with sand. I do not rejoice that I appear to be right. In fact, it has been tough hearing on virtually a daily basis of our fine young men and women being continually endangered and many--far too many--of them coming back in body bags. We haven't captured either bin Laden or Hussein and there has not yet been a single Weapon of Mass Destruction. Add to that the bankrupting of the country and the insults to some of our oldest allies, and I have real concerns about our future, both immediate and long term.

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