Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I've been invited to join a small group of gay men at MIT who are preparing an exhibit on gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered members of the MIT community. It opens late in the first week in October so I will be rather busy for the next three weeks or so. My partner and I have already been included in an earlier, much smaller exhibit that filled a small exhibit case in a very public spot a year or so ago.

The idea now is to create a permanent, portable, easily storable set of panels that can be spotted anywhere at any time around the Institute to highlight gay groups, individuals and events on campus. That's my job. Others will work on photography, text, etc. It's really exciting to be included in this because I have wanted for a long time to become more involved in gay activities at MIT. I have been part of GABLES, a social group that meets once a month for lunch, for several years--but GABLES doesn't actually initiate anything. This new project will get me into contact with administrators in the offices devoted to student and residence life as well as staff management and allow me to become pro-active in gay life on campus.

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