Tuesday, September 30, 2003

It is midnight more or less and I got home about half an hour ago. We had invited the Cambridge University [England] Student Theater group to play two performances of their annual tour to the U.S. at MIT. We are their last stop on a four-college route (Harvard, Yale and one other I can't remember at this hour were the others). MIT regulations require a faculty member to be with any student group using the theater and I was on duty today, a very long day indeed.

They are lovely kids, incredibly hard working and grateful for our invitation and support. The play this year is Shakespeare's A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, interestingly and wisely trimmed and performed with enthusiasm and admirable energy. One of our directors attended tonight and hated every moment of what little he stayed to see. There is a great gulf fixed between the acting style taught here in the U.S. and that taught in England. That difference crystalized in his comment as he left at intermission: "Exactly what I expected--imitation of technique and not an honest emotion anywhere."

I've got to get to bed. I teach tomorrow and there are all kind of meetings going on. But it went well today--I didn't resort to Doritos at any time during the day!

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