Monday, September 22, 2003

In the wake of the hurricane, this last weekend in eastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire was idyllic with clear skys, puffy baroque clouds and unbelieveable stars at night if seen from the wooded areas away from major cities and towns. My partner and I were cooking for a women's group from the Body Electric School in California. We have several of the BES groups, male and female, each year. The men are almost all gay, but the women are a mix of lesbian, bi and even some straights. When having women's groups was proposed to us a couple of years ago (the men have been coming for a dozen years) we wondered if they would want us men to do the cooking and hosting. But it has turned out to be most enjoyable, the staff coordinator in particular having become very close to us and extremely enthusiastic about the style and feeling of the facilities.

In between meals, we got the pear harvest in and did some more work on the barn that is being cleaned out. It is dragon fly season and they are a delight. There are two varieties, both on the small side. One has a speckled aqua body with transparent wings.
The other is a brilliant chinese red with opalescent brown wings and is stunning. The nice part is that if you put your finger anywhere near them while they're hovering, they will land on it and stay for as long as you don't disturb them. I was going to say that it's a lot of fun but really it's magical to have them be so calm and friendly.

Sunday night as the women were leaving, the boys were arriving for a Sweat Lodge. We had a small group this time and, at dinner afterwards, I showed something I had printed from Ron's Log ( It is an Italian Renaissance plate
showing a man's head in profile made up entirely of penises. There is an inscription in Latin that says something like "Everyone who knows me calls me a Dickhead." I thought this must be a joke but the accompanying article tells of a museum that has just paid over $300,000 for it. You usually see this kind of thing from the Renaissance with the head made up of fruit and vegetables, sometimes even with cooked meats. But this is real and everybody got a huge laugh out of it. One of the guys is a very talented professional ceramicist so I gave him the sheets to show his students. I'd love to see what they produce next with that kind of inspiration.

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