Thursday, September 18, 2003

I am amazed at how some unseen cosmic floodgate will suddenly open and a clutch of wonderful things happen all at once after a long, uneventful period.

It began in the late summer when I was asked to join the little team working to develop a Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Transgender exhibit to increase gay awareness among the greater MIT community. That one is going very well, the opportunity to work with some great guys as important to me as the results, well as those are going.

Two weeks ago, I got an email from an old friend and colleague, an internationally known musicologist, who wants me to develop my Masters thesis on pre-electric stage lighting, into a small, well illustrated book. He assures me of a European publisher and good sales at surviving Renaissance and Baroque theater and opera house bookstores throughout Europe. This will obviously be a niche publication and never a best seller, but at this phase of my career some solid professional recognition is a very nice thing to get. I am beginning the process of expanding and updating it .

And yesterday came a call from an architectural firm asking if I would be interested
in being the theater consultant on a new performing arts center being developed in Boston's western suburbs.

On a strictly personal note, I was websurfing the web last night and discovered the blog of a rare fellow Bostonian gay blogger, Ron at One of my hopes when I began this blog was that I might connect with other gay diarists. Nice that it's beginning to happen.

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