Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Eric at uber eric:stylish notes was kind enough to write today to let me know that my comments function was down. I knew that there had been some upheaval over at Blogspeak and I had also just entered Ron's Log on my links list so I thought these changes might have temporarily disrupted the comments. But when I came home I found an email from Blogspeak saying that the system was down because of invasion by some virus. If anybody wants to be in touch, please use the email address at the top of the blog.

Eric, Ron and Duncan on welshcake are three bloggers new to me whose links I have included because I like their style and enjoy reading them. In addition, Ron
has been my entre' into the small but lively group of gay Boston-area bloggers; Duncan has wide-ranging interests and writes very well; and Eric has a unique style.

The others on the link list are men whose sites I have followed for some time and whose journals have been a strong influence on my desire to blog and the openness with which I hope to do it. Keithlife, with a photojournal and extensive videoclips and slide shows, is the site of a Brit in his late 30s, resident in the Castro but currently on asignment in New York City, who has made much of his life and career in the U.S. Keith is a systems manager with strong leanings toward filmmaking whose uncompromising honesty about his life and sexuality can be breathtaking. Bryan of chaosinaustin runs an extensive site with guest columnists, a weekly photojournal that reflects his winning domesticity (a trait we share) as well as his second career in erotic male photography. Bryan is a real artist whose work is getting a lot of well deserved recognition; his writing celebrates a wide and warm circle of family and friends.

Jonno and sturtle are boyfriends, each with his own blog and point of view. The writing of Jockohomo, toddo, Cyberkenny and unprotectedtext have engaged me for their continuing interest on a wide variety of topics. It is significant that these blog sites can be found listed on a wide range of other bloggers' links.
They are among the very best on the web.

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