Saturday, August 23, 2003

With summer winding down, I spent a briliant day on the Vinyard at the nude Gay Head/Aquinnah Beach. I think that final "h" is new this summer. There had been less erosion to the beach and cliffs last winter than in some recent years, all of which is very good news. The air was clear with a good breeze and moderate temperatures at last. The water is polluted just now because the recent major blackout led to the release of raw sewage from urban sewer systems, which is unfortunate but temporary, I hope. So, no swimming and more time for people watching.

I am a chronic cruiser. Today was a very good day for long walks down the beach to ogle the mature man. Lots of them were in attendance, and almost across the board they were in really good shape, admirably equipped and open to conversation during "casual" stops at their beach camps.

OK, I'm slime. I developed a technique some years ago of carrying a small sketch book with me sometimes so that if I get caught heavily cruising a guy who takes it badly I can explain that I am an artist and designer (true enough) and was studying bone structure for when I do portraiture (a stretch, but they usually fall for it).

There was also a very interesting menage about three camps over from me, two really hot guys in their late 30s and a lovely, much younger (early 20s) guy. You could plot an entire novel with everything that could be fantasized out of that!

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