Monday, August 11, 2003

Since my partner and I got back from Europe on July 30th things have been pretty interesting for gay folk. Gene Robinson survived the voting process (including the almost inevitable arrival at the last minute of the bimbo du jour) to be named the first gay Episcopalian Bishop. Then the champs of organized religion (ANY and ALL organized religions) did what they do best, which is to cause conflict and division. I was reminded all over again why I had to get all religion out of my life. I am still a recovering Catholic, recovering because I am still angry about all the bigotry,intolerance, homophobia, anti-semitism and hipocracy that I encountered while still being sent by my parents to Catholic school.

Anyway, my partner knew Gene from many years of gay activism and the two of us know between us at least eight gay Catholic priests (healthy gay men, not pediphiles) with active, normal sex lives. They make it work for them and I can admire the way they refuse to have their identities oppressed in pursuit of their personal religious vision. But I just can't deal with any of it any more. These days when people ask me my religious preference I say "Gay." Yes, gay as a religion or, at least, a spiritual locus. I have never been together with a group of gay guys when something positive, creative and wonderful hasn't happened. And if religion isn't about coming together to make something better, to get along as people better, what is it about? That obscene oxymoron "religious war"? Killing people because they don't believe exactly what you do? Claiming that you are right and everybody is wrong and damned forever? I think not.

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