Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Lovely day today. The weather was not good for working in the garden, which I would have loved. High levels of humidity and downpours lasting ten to fifteen minutes about once an hour. So, I explored the web and my computer some more. In the process I discovered Duncan of the blog called Welshcake. He is a resident of Cardiff, has a Danish boyfriend and writes with wit and style. My kind of guy. Interestingly, my partner and I have just finished a vacation where we spent considerable amounts of time in both Wales and Denmark.

So, I wrote Duncan and got the nicest note back. I then followed all the directions from blogger 101 and tried to install as links the blogs of Duncan and a couple of other bloggers whose writing I value. It worked for just a little while but the links soon dropped from color to gray and won't connect any more. And here I thought I was making progress using the web!

I should explain why I use the term "my partner" instead of giving his name. Maybe I will some day but I have decided that I shouldn't use people's names here. I'm Will for William and that is fine but it was my choice to go public and nobody else's, so I will speak only in "titles."

Speaking of my partner, I will be up at his place tomorrow night and Thursday to celebrate his birthday. He is somewhat older than I but built like an oak tree, full of vigor and energy, sexual dynamite and he loves me as nobody ever has. We celebrated our sixth anniversary at the end of May. He is my first long term relationship.

I spent years doing "hit and run" sex and, frankly, it was a lot of fun. I sometimes miss the variety and especially the little rush that comes from the build up to the moment of consent when it could go either way. He might and he might not but then comes a hand on the arm, a kiss, or just a slight smile and you know you've got him. Such a thrill! But I have no intention of ruining something so great. My partner isn't into open relationships (he does talk about three-ways sometimes--and three is one of my favorite numbers) but I will never do anything to hurt him or break the immense bond we have forged.

Gee, too bad we're gay and supposedly incapable of the deep emotions and committment worthy of entering into a legal marriage.

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