Friday, August 22, 2003

Last night turned out to be practically idyllic. I left the Boston area around three with a good friend and the boyfriend of one of our Council for the Arts members at MIT. We were going to meet him at a restaurant in Lenox, MA, have a good dinner and then head to the David Daniels recital. Dinner turned out to be a lot of fun and in the middle of it a chance remark by the boyfriend led to the revelation that they were friends of my cousin in Montreal. Are we down to TWO degrees of separation these days?

David was in superb voice, singing mood pieces including some very soulful material rather than his more famous baroque heroic coloratura repertory. Long lines, rich, rounded tone and excellent diction combined with unaffected, direct communication. No wonder he is THE countertenor these days in the US with a very healthy career in Europe as well. The accompaniment was not on a piano--one of my least favorite instruments, actually--but on a classical guitar by the Australian Craig Ogden. The rich colors and intimacy of the guitar were perfect for the mood David was working to maintain. By the way, David has lost some weight, gotten a buzz cut, ditched the perennial four day stubble and he looks great.

The weather remains hot with saturated, stagnant air. But I am getting to escape with friends tomorrow to the clothing-optional beach on the west end of Martha's Vinyard at Gay Head (honestly, I'm not making that up) which the local Wampanoag Tribe is trying to get everyone to call Aquinna. The beach is at the foot of multicolored clay cliffs topped by an historic lighthouse and attracts everybody--straights, gays, lesbians, families, groups of young professionals vacationing on the Vinyard. Swimming is good and the vistas out over Buzzards Bay and the other islands are stunning. I love nude beaches. They cater to the exhibitionist in me putting my tattoos fully on display. Afterall, why have them if people can't see them?

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