Sunday, August 10, 2003

Ending a really nice weekend. Saturday I went up to my partner's for the monthly Sweat Lodge gathering. The lodge is a low, octagonal building with a domed roof that is heavily insulated but translucent as it is made of plastic tarp and layers of clear bubblewrap stretched over bent PVC pipe ribs. This is a gay men's event followed by a pot luck supper that is always great fun. For the Sweat, we heat soapstones in a fire until the fire burns down to coals and then the stiones are raked out and carried into the lodge, piled in a stone ringed pit in the middle. After stripping naked, we all pile in, sitting on the benches that surround the pit and water is ladled onto the stines to create steam. This all descends from Native American Sweat Lodges with a healthy dose of gay spirituality and enough of guys getting together to have fun to keep it from being pretentious. Sometimes there is chanting, sometimes discussing matters of interest to the gay community, sometimes silent meditation, sometimes, ahem, a little fooling around. Or some combination of the above. We come out invartiably feeling mellow but refreshed. We shower and then head for dinner.

I'm working on the research for my fall and winter productions now. The first big one is COMPANY OF ANGLES, a play about a group of survivors from the Nazi camps who form a small theater company to perform in Yiddish for for other Jews still not resettled somewhere or waiting for word of relatives, friends, emigration, etc. It is a moving play. I'm reading a history of the Lodz Ghetto in Poland from which some of the characters in the play actually came.

Otherwise I am pretending to be cleaning out parts of the house. I say pretending because I am really no good at throwing things out until I get into a particular mood that is NOT compatible with heat and humidity. Tomorow, I go into the Music Library at MIT to get training on the library system's new computerized research program. I know how important all this isand I have increased my computer literacy majorly in the last couple of years but learning yet another new protocol just gets to be too much every now and then.

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